Whether it's for a restaurant, a school, a hospital, a hotel, or a shopping mall, smart companies know they can rely on air conditioning & refrigeration.  In large and small companies, for common to unique applications, CaWestCoast Inc. has been providing successful air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for commercial customers.


   Our Services Include: State License509700
# C-20 Bonded and Insured

• Commercial and Industrial
Installation, Service and Maintenance   of all Refrigeration Systems  & HVAC   Equipment
Building Automation & Control   Solutions
Ice Machines

• Walk-In Coolers and Freezers
Reach-In Coolers
Make-Up Tables
Cold Storage Facilities
Refrigeration Compressors
• Coils and Condensers

• Wine Cellars
• Commercial Water Filtration   Systems
• Chillers
• Cooling Towers

Yearly Preventive Maintenance for Heating and Air Conditioning Available
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We Service all makes and model
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